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Our Why

It is no secret that we live in a society that is constantly tearing down black and brown people while profiting off of them at the same time. The persistent abuse of marginalized people has grave effects on our mental and emotional well-being. It threatens our ability to survive and the dangers only escalate as more layers of marginalization are experienced such as, gender identity, sexual orientation, being disabled, and religion - among others. This daily lived experience is traumatic in and of itself. Through our partnership, we can work to heal the traumas that are inflicted while living in this society.

The Approach

Firstly, to do this work, you and I must create a strong connection to one another. It is no easy task to examine the ways in which oppression and colonization have impacted our lives and how it has forced us to change from our authentic selves. Using this connection, we will explore how to reduce the harm that the “-isms” have caused. Through this exploration, we will look at historical, cultural, familial, and systemic influences in order to find their effect on your life  and work through the root causes of these obstacles.

The Journey

In our time together, we will grow your confidence and knowledge of self-healing so you can take this work beyond the therapeutic space. We’ll increase the strength in your support system.  After discussing the areas in which you want change, we will work towards it as a team. Lastly, we will focus on the matters that you have control of and resources you have access to. The journey is different for each and every person, however, the end result is you feeling more at peace, grounded, and confident that you have the skills to make it through the hiccups in life.


All services will be provided through a secure video service.

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I offer individual therapy, as well as therapy for couples/pairs. This is your space to discuss the things that are holding you back and meet the goals you set for yourself (or as a couple/pair). We might get into the role that systematic oppression is playing in your life, exploring your gender or sexual orientation, or creating boundaries. 

Please note, I can only provide therapy to those who reside in New York and New Jersey due to licensure restrictions.


I specialize in working with other therapists or professionals in healing professions to improve how they work with people who are BIPOC and/or in the LGBTQIA+ community through a decolonized lens. If you're having trouble navigating certain conversations or wanting to challenge your own notions about race, gender, sexual orientation, and the power dynamics in therapeutic work schedule a consultation today!

I can provide coaching regardless of where you reside.


Looking for a supervisor who will encourage you to reach your goals while pushing you to grow as a clinician? Well, here I am. I love creating a cohesive team environment and helping others develop their skills. Just as I do not like the power dynamics typical in the client-therapist relationship, nor do I like them in the supervisor-supervisee relationship. Let's create a collaborative space where we learn from one another and have fun building our process.


Ashley J. Zayas, LCSW (they/them, xe/xem)

New York and New Jersey

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