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Who am I? I’m a kick-ass therapist (they/them, xe/xem) that wants to work collaboratively with you on your healing journey! You won’t find the typical “I’m the therapist, so I’m the expert” vibe with me. I wholeheartedly believe that you are the expert on yourself. Therefore, you decide what we work on, what you share, and what methods we will use. If you are new to therapy, we will work together to understand what methods work best for you through open and honest communication. It is an honor when clients trust me, and earning that trust is a process that I am sure not to rush. You will bring that determination firing up inside of you, hungry for change and I will bring my compassionate support to carefully guide you towards your goals. Together, we will determine the ways in which your past, relationships, and environmental influences (including all the -isms) affect your current circumstances and how they hinder or propel you towards the life you want and deserve.

New York State Licensure: Licensed Clinical Social Worker #085623

New Jersey Licensure: Licensed Clinical Social Worker #44SC06057100


Ashley J. Zayas, LCSW

New York and New Jersey

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